Your Working Life in Numbers

Take a look at how your working life can be broken down into numbers. From your working hours to the money you earn and spend - they all add up.

Time Spent at Work

It's often said we spend more time with our colleagues than anyone else but exactly how long do we spend clocked in? These figures are based on a 35-hour working week, an average of 253 working days a year, and an average retirement age of 64 years.



Hours worked over your lifetime

Commuting to Work

Based on the average commute of 18.64 miles, you will travel 216,932 miles over your lifetime just going to and from work. If you were to drive this distance all in one go, it would take you a year and three months and you'd have travelled... 91% of the way to the moon

of the way to the moon

Cost of Fuel

You'll need a whole lot of fuel to take you that far - and it won't be cheap! You'll need a total of 17,241 litres of fuel which, based on today's average fuel price, will cost you more than 12 fortnight-long all-inclusive trips to the Caribbean, or...

total fuel cost

Colleague vs Partner

You spend an average of seven and a half hours a day sat next to your colleagues.
Compare that with the eight hours and forty minutes you spend out of work but not commuting or sleeping, and you only get an hour and ten minutes extra ‘free time’. That’s just...

more time with your spouse
than an average shift!

Procrastination at Work

You'll spend 10,086 hours procrastinating

...and 2,909 hours on the loo! That's nearly twice as long as it takes to learn to fly a commercial jet liner!

If you're a smoker, you'll spend a total of 317 days smoking - that's 9% of your working life!

A watched pot never boils... especially when you'll spend a total of 582 hours waiting for the kettle to boil throughout your life!


The average worker drinks 2.4 coffees a day which, over a working life,
soon adds up to a whopping 28,088 cups of the good stuff!

That's 9,830
litres of coffee,
or a total of 40 wheelie bins!


Eating the same thing every day can be a bit boring, but if you were to have a sandwich every day for lunch, you'd end up scoffing 585 loaves of bread. If you stacked those sarnies, they'd measure a total of...


That's 100 metres taller than the Eiffel Tower (or 92% the height of the Empire State Building!

Packed Lunch vs Meal Deal

Some people are savvy, some people prefer convenience. However when it comes to lunches, spending a little time making your own lunch can really make a difference.

total cost of making packed lunches

That makes eating out...


...more expensive than a packed lunch!

total cost of buying your lunch

A Lifetime of Taxes

You might grumble, but taxes help the world go round. Still, it's a bit harder to swallow when you realise that, over your life, you'll have handed over more than the average UK house price to the tax man.

Taxes paid over your working life

Average UK house price


You might be pleased to know that many of us will end up as millionaires...
Just not all in one go. Based on the UK's average salary, you'll end up with...

over your working life! You might be surprised to know that your entire lifetime of earnings could fit in a hold luggage suitcase in £50 notes. Going somewhere nice?

Your working life in numbers

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Packed lunch cost calculated from Sainsbury’s meal deal vs similar items made from constituent parts also from Sainsbury’s