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Employers recruit older workers to combat ageism


Employers need to recruit a million older workers over the next five years in order to combat ageism and address the widening UK skills gap. So said Andy Briggs, the Government’s Business Champion for Older Workers and chief executive officer of UK Insurance at the insurance company Aviva. Achieving that target requires every UK employer […]

employee trait

What is the most desired personality trait in employees?


Conscientiousness is the most important and desired personality trait in employees, followed by agreeableness. This was one of several findings of a study carried out by US psychologists Paul R Sackett and Philip T Walmsley in 2014. The study, published in the journal ‘Perspectives in Psychological Science’ followed the principle that personality types can be […]

family work life balance

What can HR do to help working parents achieve a better work-life balance?


Achieving a good work-life balance is increasingly stressful for fathers. So much so that nearly half of working fathers would like to take a less stressful job so that they could spend more time with their children. And over a third would take a pay cut if it meant a better work-life balance. These are […]

career history

How does your career history affect future job opportunities?


Recruiters can be a picky lot. They see that a potential employee has just come back from an 18-month globe-trotting career break and worry about their commitment to their career and to any future employers. Or they look at a candidate who has had four jobs in the past two years and instantly see a […]


Top tips on how to be a good manager


Some people take very easily to management and are naturally good at it. They inspire and motivate their team, support them and get great results, individually and collectively. Others need to work a lot harder at it and hone their management skills in order to get the best out of their team. Different styles of […]

female leaders

How can HR teams boost the female talent pipeline?

The good news is that the number of women on FTSE 100 boards is rising. The bad news? It is not rising fast enough. There still aren’t enough, not in FTSE 100 boards, not in FTSE 350 boards and there are not women coming up through the talent pipeline to take up board and other […]

work from home

Changing workplace norms


There are record numbers of people working from home in the UK, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). When the ONS started recording the number of homeworkers in 1998, there were just 2.9 million. On last count, there were 4.2 million, accounting for 13.9% of the workforce. It looks like the numbers of […]

What workers really think1

What UK workers are REALLY thinking – according to Google


“My Colleagues are Racist” There are 2.4 million searches for the term ‘job search’ each year – a surprising 273 searches each hour – and a significant spike in searches every January. We took a look to see what insight Google could shed on why so many people were looking for jobs in this period. […]

people management

People management a top priority for line managers in 2017


If there’s one skill that line managers need to hone in 2017 it’s people management, according to recent CIPD research. Why? Because many line managers are not being given the training and support they need, in particular when they take on new responsibilities. This is something that should be of serious concern to HR. This […]


8 top skills for L&D professionals for 2017 and beyond


There are eight essential L&D skills needed by organisations in the year ahead. So says the benchmarking organisation, Towards Maturity, in its 2016-17 Learning Benchmark Report, ‘Unlocking Potential: Releasing the potential of the business and its people through learning’. What are those top eight skills? They are: 1. Facilitating social and collaborative learning (cited by […]