December 9, 2015

Use it or lose it!

As the financial year-end looms, many L&D managers will be left with money left in their budget with the threat of ‘use it or lose it’.

DPG offers all of its clients a DPG Budget Account service, which lets them deposit funds and draw on them to purchase training when the time suits over the next 12 months. Robert Wagner, Commercial Director of DPG, explained: “Having listened to our clients we realised there was a real need for something like this. L&D managers do extremely well managing their budget, only to lose it at the end of the financial year. This new Budget Account allows managers to preserve their budget until they have a particular training need.”

Any businesses signing up for a Budget Account receives a discretionary 5% enhancement. Robert added: “Several of our clients already operate like this, and it works really well for them. They also receive the extra bonus which they are really happy about.” For further details of DPG Budget Accounts, contact our Sales Team on 0330 660 0220 or email here