July 26, 2017

Understanding Reward Management


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A motivated workforce is key for the success of any business, which is why it’s so important to establish an effective reward system. This toolkit includes the principles of reward management and how you should successfully implement them as a HR professional. You’ll also delve into the positive effects rewards can have on employees, as well as everything you’ll need to consider when implementing your own reward structure.


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This toolkit is broken down into three distinct modules, each detailing a specific element of reward management. All the modules are online and should take roughly 2 hours to complete, so you can work through the toolkit at your own pace.

Module 1 – The business context of reward and using reward intelligence

The first module in this toolkit explores a top-level view of reward and pay. It details why they are important within an organisation and the key factors that contribute to reward decisions made by business leaders. You’ll also be provided with data and information to help you when reviewing salary levels and reward packages.  

Module 2 – Key reward principles, policies and practices

With this module, you’ll learn the extent to which reward policies and practices, such as bonuses, can motivate a workforce and positively contribute to achieving a business’ wider goals.

Module 3 – Line managers and reward decisions

You’ll take a closer look at your role as a line manager within an organisation, analysing your input into making reward decisions and the ultimate role of Human Resources to help support these decisions.

Who is the toolkit for?

Business owners, managers and HR professionals can all benefit from the information provided in this toolkit, as implementing effective reward systems is something that they all should be aware of, if not creating. 

If you don’t have a reward system currently in place, or you feel as though your company’s current reward structure needs updating, it’s highly recommended that you take part in this toolkit.


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