July 26, 2017

Employment Law for Line Managers – Managing Change and Performance


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Businesses are always evolving and adapting, which is why it’s so vital that, as an HR representative, you’re ensuring that your organisation is always following best practice when it comes to employment law. 

Within this toolkit, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how to adhere to best practices when managing employees, as well as the employment law system as a whole.


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This toolkit is broken down into three distinct modules, each detailing a specific element of managing change and performance. All the modules are online and should take roughly 2 hours to complete, so you can work through the toolkit at your own pace.

Module 1 – Reducing headcount within the law and good practice

Within this module, you’ll take a close look at the legal requirements surrounding employees leaving a business. Here you’ll learn the best practices for managing staff dismissals, retirement and redundancy. 

Module 2 – Lawful management of change and reorganisation

This section explains how to appropriately deal with change and reorganisation in the workplace within the confines of employment law. Topics you’ll learn about include changing contractual terms, service provision changes and differences in employee contracts.

Module 3 – Lawful management of disciplinary matters

Disciplinary procedures are a common element of HR management, so it’s crucial that you always act in a lawful manner. This module includes details regarding your conduct as an employer or organisation, which procedures you are required to follow, and the overall legislation of employment law.

Who is the toolkit for?

This toolkit is ideal for current managers and business owners, as well as those taking their first steps into a management position. Anyone who struggles with managing people or simply wants some expert insights should consider taking part in this toolkit to help expand their skill set.


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