Learning & Development

Whether you’re an expert in Learning and Development Strategies or just starting fresh, a qualification in L&D could further your career.

Do you want to develop your knowledge? Are you looking to better your understanding and implementation of training?

Learning and Development is essential for businesses to grow, so why should an L&D officer not develop themselves? If you’re looking to develop a better understanding of L&D strategies and implementing these in the workplace, a professional qualification could be for you. Get expert advice and phenomenal support throughout and become a member of DPG’s vibrant community hub, with 24/7 unlimited access to learning materials! Our programmes are also available for group bookings of 6 people and over.

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CIPD Qualifications - Up to 25% off

CIPD Level 3 in L&D – Certificate/Diploma

This programme is right for you if you’re:

New to Learning & Development

An Administrator/Officer looking to build on a promising career in L&D

Looking for expert help and advice along the way

You’ll gain valuable insights into a range of L&D subjects and develop a competence for identifying development needs, as well as designing, evaluating and delivering effective L&D activities.

You’ll also gain access to the knowledge of hundreds of professionals currently working in L&D through the DPG Community. This dynamic social space allows you to talk to other users 24/7 and contains tonnes of materials to support you on your journey!

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CIPD Level 5 in L&D – Certificate/Diploma

This programme is right for you if you’re:

An aspiring or existing L&D Manager/Business Partner

Looking to further your knowledge of L&D

Looking for the next step of your career

On this programme, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills to be a next-generation L&D Manager. You’ll also develop a deeper understanding of the L&D function and the challenges you face within the L&D industry.

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CIPD Level 7 in HR Development – Certificate/Diploma

This programme is right for you if you’re:

Involved in implementing L&D strategies and policies

Looking to progress into a senior L&D role

Looking to gain Chartered membership of the CIPD

You’ll be supported throughout your qualification by expert facilitators who are specialists in their field and have current experience working in HR at a strategic level.

We also offer a CIPD Level 7 Award in Leadership & Management Development short course.

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LPI Certifications

Successful Online Meetings

Get up to speed quickly with the essentials of running engaging online meetings and sessions. All popular virtual meeting platforms for live online events are covered.

Ideal for business leaders and anyone who wants to run engaging online meetings

Challenges of Online Meetings

Preparing your Meeting Presentation Materials

Opening your online meeting

Maintaining Engagement

Using Web Conferencing to Engage

Closing your Meeting

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Virtual Platform Readiness

Already have a virtual meeting platform in place? This flexible, interactive workshop gives you a guided tour through the available features and tools that will make your virtual meetings stand out. This course covers:

WebEx Training Centre, WebEx Meeting Centre, Adobe Connect Pro, Zoom, and others

Quickly build confidence and familiarity with your in-house platform

How and when to use available tools and features

Common pitfalls and how to avoid them

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Essential Online Delivery Skills

Delve into design and psychology with this intermediate workshop that primes you to deliver superb live online learning.

Audience: Anyone, including L&D professionals, HR professionals, sales professionals, field engineers, customer-facing teams etc.

Challenges and effective use of voice

Facilitation and maximised engagement

Designing slides for impact

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Course Conversion

From bookcase to cyberspace – rebuild your face-to-face classroom courses and materials for the live online environment.

Deliver highly interactive sessions to global audiences at the click of a mouse

Slash the cost of training materials, delivery and logistics

Reach more learners in remote locations

Become more agile and responsive to training needs

Demonstrate and promote a modern approach to talent development

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High Five

Certified Online Learning Facilitator (COLF)

This course gives you the skills, knowledge and experience to:

Deliver effective online classroom sessions using web conferencing interactivity tools.

Re-purpose traditional classroom exercises for collaborative online learning.

Engage learner attention and participation in your online classroom events.

Conduct best practices for facilitating live online learning events.

Develop comprehensive lesson plans, facilitator guides, presentations and participant materials.

Who should attend this course?

Anyone whose current or future job responsibilities include facilitating live online learning events (e.g. courses, meetings, webinars or web conferences) for internal/external clients (irrespective of the content). The course is especially beneficial for individuals or teams currently having to travel to deliver training and in doing so incurring associated costs.

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Certificate in Designing Online Learning (CDOL)

This course provides you with all the tools and techniques required to develop learner-centric design skills, enabling you to support your live online courses.

Who should attend this course?

Everyone who needs to design courses for delivery in a live online learning (virtual classroom) environment.

What you will learn

You’ll learn how to design learning materials for the live online environment and how to think differently about participant engagement and interactivity. The live online environment is very different to the face-to-face one. CDOL will provide you with proven, research-based, best practice tips and techniques for online training.

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Trainer Performance Monitoring and Assessment (TPMA)

Why Assess Trainers?        

Trainers may know their subjects inside out but that doesn’t mean they are going to be effective communicators. For a training manager, knowing that all trainers have reached an industry-recognised level of competency means that quality is assured across all courses.

Adopting TPMA as a standard assessment and monitoring program gives several benefits:

The quality of all training is maintained to the highest standards.

Course delegates acquire a sound learning experience, highly relevant to their respective workplaces.

Trainers become more confident in their abilities to train.

The consistency of approach and adherence to an industry-recognised certification can help win business both internally and externally.

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Performance Consulting Masterclass (PCM)

This masterclass gives you a powerful set of skills and techniques that will transform you into an effective performance consultant, helping you contribute significant value to your clients and to your organisation.

Armed with these formidable new tools, you’ll be able to:

Understand the true business need behind solution requests

Build effective solutions that deliver business results

Improve communication and build trust

Demonstrate and measure ROI

Become a trusted business advisor

Designed for:

Workplace learning and HR professionals who wish to assess business objectives, develop strategies and measure results.

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The LPI Capability Map: mapping essential skills in the new age of L&D

Benchmark and develop your capabilities using the most comprehensive self-assessment tool for L&D professionals.

What is the LPI Capability Map?

The LPI Capability Map aims to provide a global view of the skills needed to deliver modern workplace learning and development (L&D).

Since its launch in 2012, the LPI Capability Map has already helped thousands of individuals and teams identify their strengths and skills gaps and understand what is needed to build future capability.

Available online 24/7, free for individual use, and regularly updated, the LPI Capability Map is the ultimate tool to help L&D people do their jobs better and prime them for success in this rapidly changing business world.

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Kirkpatrick Qualifications


If you’re looking to join thousands of L&D professionals and line managers that have gained the internationally recognised Kirkpatrick Bronze, Silver or Gold Level Certifications, we can help.

As the only official partners of Kirkpatrick in Europe, we can help you take evaluation to a new level, and understand how to effectively bridge the gap between learning and organisational development.

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Bronze Level Certification

You can attain Bronze Level Kirkpatrick Certification by attending a 2-day Bronze Certification Programme and successfully completing a Kirkpatrick post-work Evaluation Plan.

After completing the pre-work, the 2-day workshop and post-work assignment, you will be competent and confident in applying the model to Learning and Development projects in your organisation. Your personalised plan will receive feedback from our Kirkpatrick-Accredited facilitators, who will support you in championing the model within your organisation.

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Why should I study for a CIPD qualification?

Silver Level Certification

You can become Silver Certified in the New World Kirkpatrick Model by attending the 1-day Silver Programme and conference calls, followed by successfully completing an Individual Action Plan and Final Report.

The Silver Certification workshop focuses on how to engage stakeholders and present your successes.

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Gold Level Certification

If you’ve attained the Kirkpatrick Silver Level Certification, you’re able to become Gold Level Certified at no charge.

Silver Certified individuals become Gold Certified by presenting or publishing a programme evaluation process, results or best practices in a way that assists other training or business professionals.

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DPG Community

DPG Community

Work alongside other professionals. Get access to tonnes of learning materials.

The DPG Community is a vibrant hub of social activity and information to help support your learning.

When you become a member of this free space, you’ll get 24/7 access to learning materials that relate to your specific programme and module.

You’ll also gain access to the knowledge of hundreds of professionals currently working in HR

through the DPG Community. This dynamic social space allows you to talk to other users 24/7 and contains tonnes of materials to support you on your journey!

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