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Do you want to get started in Leadership & Management but confused? Are you already a manager looking to elevate your career?

Our Qualifications

Whatever your aspiration and needs we would love to help you. You can choose from our CIPD-approved courses, ranging from Level 2 to Level 7. You’ll get a personal facilitator, and assistance from expert programme advisers. Have a look at our programmes – we are here to develop you!

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Coaching & Mentoring

We offer ILM’s leadership qualifications at Levels 5 and 7 in both Coaching and Mentoring and Leadership and Management.

On the ILM Coaching and Mentoring Level 5 qualification, you’ll develop your ability as a confident, well-practised coach and mentor. The ILM Coaching and Mentoring Level 7 would suit you if you’re a senior manager or HR/Organisational Development professional looking to develop your expertise and accredit your experience as a professional coach and mentor.

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Leadership and Management

The ILM Leadership and Management Level 2 or 3 qualifications would suit you if you have management responsibilities but no formal training and would be ideal for team leaders who will be leading people through organisational change, budget cuts or other pressures.

The ILM Leadership and Management Level 5 qualification would suit you if you’re working at project manager, department head, or another practising middle manager level.

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Toolkits for Managers

Human Resources Management : Toolkits for Managers

These toolkits have been specially designed to provide managers, or small business owners with the essential HR regulatory knowledge and skills they need to effectively manage their people. Each toolkit specifically targets a key aspect of HR and provides the individual with the knowledge and behaviours they need to.

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DPG Community

DPG Community

Work alongside other professionals. Get access to tonnes of learning materials.

The DPG Community is a vibrant hub of social activity and information to help support your learning.

When you become a member of this free space, you’ll get 24/7 access to learning materials that relate to your specific programme and module.

You’ll also gain access to the knowledge of hundreds of professionals currently working in HR

through the DPG Community. This dynamic social space allows you to talk to other users 24/7 and contains tonnes of materials to support you on your journey!

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