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mirellaMirella Lingwood – International Foundation for Integrated Care

“I worked for the University of Oxford at the time I enrolled for the course and I had been for previous 11 years, during which time I had gained lot of experience at practical level. However, to be able to progress in my career, I needed the recognition from an official body such as the CIPD to verify my skills but also felt I needed to learn more. DPG provided great platform to do both.”



Richard 2Richard Fielding – One Stop Stores Ltd

Why did you choose DPG?
I was impressed at the fact that DPG is a sole partner with CIPD for the Advanced Level. So I knew this must be a quality institution, well respected by CIPD. I was also keen to attend live workshops and DPG is one of few companies that offer them.

What were your goals of starting the programme?
I’ve been working in L&D for a number of years and I knew I had gaps in knowledge and understanding. I take my role seriously and therefore wanted to ensure I do the right thing for our workforce. So, by gaining a formal and recognised qualification in L&D I can be sure that my skills, knowledge and behaviour are in line with the profession and that I am up to date with current thinking and practice.

I’ve noted recently that many advertised L&D roles stipulate you must have level 3 in L&D so I feel it also secures my future and puts me ahead of the competition. It is a way of formally promoting yourself as a true L&D professional.

How did the programme help and where are you now?
The programme has definitely helped by filling many gaps of knowledge and giving me confidence to deliver the right interventions for my learners. I now know I can move forward in my L&D career with the conviction that I am doing things the right way, as long as I apply all that I have learnt and keep abreast of current trends.

Already, I have seen an improvement in my contribution at work by applying the knowledge gained. For example, evaluation was always my sticking point and I can finally evaluate my training much more effectively and show the return on investment to our leadership team. I’m also sharing my newly gained expertise with my colleagues and helping them to become the best they can be, too.

What you would say to anyone thinking of doing a programme with DPG?
I’m so happy I chose DPG because of the excellent support I’ve received throughout my studies. You get allocated a facilitator and you attend live webinars and live workshops as well as completing online courses, so it’s a real blended approach. There’s also the online community which continues to be an excellent resource where you can get involved in discussions or pose your own questions. It’s great to mingle with like-minded L&D practitioners in a supportive and friendly environment.

Having the human touch with a facilitator who supports you via webinars, emails and live workshops is hugely beneficial. Especially as they are so approachable, friendly and supportive. Nothing is too much trouble and you’re being supported by people who are truly specialists in L&D. For future courses, I would choose DPG and recommend anyone to do the same.


CIPD Level 5 in HR Management – Shaun Beck, Talent Development Coach & Director

Why did you choose DPG?
I was recommended DPG by a colleague at the time. I explored a few other provider options, but I was drawn to the flexible and blended approach to learning that DPG offered. The mix of workshops, e-lessons, links to external resources, group calls and assessments worked perfectly for my style. DPG also stood out because of the people that I spoke to – relaxed and informal, but offered really professional advice on the right path for me to take.Picture1

What were your goals of starting the programme?
After about 12 years of working in senior learning and development roles in large organisations, I was pretty experienced in that area. I wanted to challenge myself and build my knowledge and skills further in a more generalist capacity.

At that time I was in a Senior Consultant role in the People and Organisational Development Team at Caterpillar. The role gave me a great opportunity to diversify from a purely training focused role. I focused more on wider performance management strategies, engagement initiatives, recruitment and selection and wider HR.

A natural qualification would have been to undertake one of the L&D focused qualifications, but with a great opportunity to apply the learning, I decided to go for the more generalist CIPD Level 5 HR Management qualification to deepen my knowledge in HR. This also presented a bit more of a challenge and stretch for me. not just accrediting all of the L&D expertise I had gained.

How did the programme help and where are you now?
The programme really helped me to develop a bigger picture and strategic thinking in the world of HR, not just L&D. I also found that I could apply all of the learning in reality. After leaving Caterpillar, I held senior learning and development roles in Hotel Chocolat and Ted Baker and then made the move into interim assignments at Travis Perkins and Weetabix.
In March 2006 I created ‘INSPIRE-IGNITE’ Coaching and Training. It enabled me to realise my passion and curiosity for people and seeing them grow and develop. I aim to INSPIRE passion and IGNITE action to help individuals, teams and organisations to achieve more!

What you would say to anyone thinking of doing a programme with DPG?
I’d say do it! Everyone I have met at DPG has been genuinely interested in seeing me grow and develop. It also doesn’t just stop when you finish the qualification. I have stayed in touch with several people who I met and I still take advantage of the DPG social media networks and community forums.

I’d also say just to get in touch with the DPG team for a chat. They will offer you some really practical advice that will help you to choose what is best for you and your development.

CIPD Level 3 in HR Practice – Jenny Wright, NHS Trust

Jen WrightWhy did you choose DPG?
I spent a lot of time researching the providers of the CIPD qualifications, I needed a provider that would fit into my life. I work full time and have two children, so flexible studying was absolutely key. DPG were the only provider that completely matched my requirements. I was able to study from home and the fact that I had a clearly detailed schedule of the workshops in advance, meant I could ensure I was able to commit to the programme whilst ensuring my childcare and work commitments were also looked after.

What were your goals of starting the programme?
I had just embarked on a new role for my company of People Development Manager and felt it was important that I gained formal qualifications within my field of work. Becoming a member of the CIPD and signing up with DPG gave me a clearly signposted route to my personal development as an HR Practitioner. It reinforced my belief that becoming CIPD qualified is absolutely key in securing long term success within the highly competitive field of HR.

My goal when I embarked on this programme was to achieve my Level 3 qualification and to become an Associate member of the CIPD. It was not without its challenges, I had to be very focused on my study time and time management skills were crucial. However, my tutor was incredibly supportive and was always on hand for advice when needed.

I achieved my goal.

How did the programme help and where are you now?
The programme helped immensely. The workshops provided context to the coursework and I was able to incorporate real life work situations into my coursework. This enabled implementation of what I was learning into my daily working life. At the time, the company was embarking on a period of change, the change curve work shop in particular really helped me shape how we managed the teams and consulted with them.

I am now a Senior HR Consultant at an NHS Trust managing a division of 2000 employees, I manage a team of 3 HR staff to provide the service to my division. Since attaining my Level 3 CIPD in HR Management, I have completed a Level 5 qualification in business coaching through the Institute of Leadership and Management and have associate membership status. My next goal is to achieve my Level 7 CIPD in HR Management with DPG by 2018 and gain my Chartered Membership status.

None of this would have been possible in my view without DPG.

What you would say to anyone thinking of doing a programme with DPG?
I would absolutely recommend DPG to anyone thinking of commencing HR qualifications. Indeed, I am coming back for my Level 7 qualification.

DPG are well-organised, professional and understand the needs of their participants. It definitely feels like a partnership when you are training with them.


Level 5 online – Samuel Okonkwo, Talent and Policy Analyst

Samuel Okonkwo

Why did you choose DPG?
Finding the right vehicle to achieving a CIPD certification was a challenge for me as there were a few options out there. My dilemma was solved when a colleague who just concluded the programme earlier in 2016 referred me to DPG. Though she had high praise about the quality of DPG, I was mostly persuaded to go with DPG as I saw the remarkable impact of the programme in her day to day delivery. My choice for DPG was also motivated by the relative cost, friendliness and the flexibility in payment plans of the programme.

What were your goals of starting the programme?
I have always had it as a goal in 2016 to enrol in a CIPD certification to boost my professional proficiency. With about three years of core HR experience in a multinational, I thought the timing was perfect to build some credibility by obtaining a certification and also by learning more about the HR practices through an educational lens.

I also felt that in an increasingly competitive global HR field, what one knows might not always be enough. There was a need to build a global network through this kind of programme which can always come in useful in career opportunities in the future, sharing learning and best practice across the board.

How did the programme help?
The DPG Level 5 Online programme has been a game-changer in my HR career development so far. The learning modules, the webinars and ever ready personal facilitators has enhanced my understanding of the HR function and the fundamentals required to succeed in this field.
The programme has also broadened my knowledge on the importance of creating and maintaining a personal CPD record as a compass for measuring career growth and development. In addition, the diversity in the class participants has enriched the quality of discussions at learning webinars and enhanced my professional base.

What would you say to anyone thinking of doing a programme with DPG?
Without a doubt, I would gladly recommend DPG to others. It is rare to see such a learning organization that treats the learning needs of its participants not just as a collective unit but on an individual basis. The learning experience is rich and diverse, while the personal facilitators will always ensure you are never in the dark when you require help.


CIPD Level 3 HR Practice – Adine Hubbard, HR Assistant

“I actually received a promotion within my current organisation during the completion of the CIPD Level 3 HR Practice programme. Due to my knowledge and skills and the fact that I have been performing above my original post of HR Assistant for some time, I am now employed as an HR Advisor and have received a pay rise. This is fantastic for me and I am very enthusiastic about progressing further and further into HR. I have 5 years experience in HR at the age of 22 and I am aiming to undertake my CIPD Level 5 HR Management qualification in around a year’s time.”

How DPG’s CIPD qualification helped my HR career

Amy Pearce – Employee Benefits Services Administrator at Boeing Defence UK Ltd and Andy Evans – HR Business Partner at Edge Accessories talk about their excellent experience with DPG

Amy and Andy are both completing their CIPD Advanced Level 7 qualification in Bristol. Here’s what they had to say:

Katie Adams – Civil Service

KA 4Katie works as a Finance Training and Development Officer and has successfully completed her CIPD Level 3 in L&D in Northampton.

“Being new to the a role, which was solely training design and delivery, I wanted the have the most current knowledge, disciplines and methodologies.

The venue location for my programme was extremely convenient for me. A guaranteed pass upon attendance/completion of all workshops also appealed.”

What do you enjoy most about your programme?

I really enjoyed my workshops, especially workshop 5, this was when the light bulb moments began and the workshop activities really stepped up a notch. My fellow learners and I were by now used to one another’s styles and it was just pure fun learning right up until, and during, the final assessment day!

How do you feel the programme has helped you?

I have been able to implement a lot of ideas directly into my current role, improving the training portfolio and materials with the skills I have learned.
I have influenced my team to move some classroom elements to on-line workshops (Webinars) and the response from the organisation was fantastic with over 100 people from across the world attending each session.
It just shows how much of a need there was for this knowledge and it’s great to know that my initiative reached so many staff members at minimum cost. The ROI is through the roof which has already been recognised in my appraisal.

What would you say to other people thinking about studying with DPG?

Go for it!  You’ll thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Henry Litchfield – Head of Leader Management at World Challenge UK

We interviewed Henry at Learning & Skills 2016 as a participant. Here’s what he had to say about DPG’s CIPD Level 3 programme in Learning and Development:


Aneta Wolanska – BITE Consulting Group Ltd

Aneta works as a Learning and Development Manager and is currently completing the CIPD Level 5 in L&D qualification in London.

“I have to say that DPG is continuing to exceed my expectations by not only helping us find a solution to a tricky situation but also by delivering such outstanding quality training!

My facilitator, Shaine, is exceptionally engaging and makes the session content both interesting and useful by relating it to our own experience, so finishing our assignment feels like a breeze now.

I’ve accommodated the workshop dates by working Saturdays and evenings.”

If you would like to find out more about our CIPD Level 5 L&D qualification, click here.

Alan Galloway – Business Development Director at IKO plc

Alan is currently completing the CIPD Level 5 Diploma in Learning and Development with DPG. Here’s what he has to say:

IMG_20150308_013359085 (002)Barbora Cowell – Priory Group

Barbora works as a HR Administrator and has successfully completed the CIPD Advanced Level 7 in London and has recently started her second year.

“I chose to do this programme because I wanted to enhance my knowledge and skills in the HRM and HRD areas.

The student value proposition really stood out to me – e.g. flexibility, facilitators who have a lot of experience as practitioners as well as academic knowledge, support and the DPG Community.

I really enjoy the workshops. My facilitator Sandra explains concepts very well, brings in her valuable experiences, lets us explore topics in groups, and gives us developmental feedback. Moreover, we always have fun at the workshops, which facilitates the learning process.

I have learned a lot. I have realised the importance of soft skills in the workplace and that of business ethics and CSR. I have learnt about seminal HRM/HRD theories, which has given me insight into what motivates people, how best to unlock their potential, what followers look for in their leaders, etc. Furthermore, I have significantly improved my research skills. When I first started the programme, I was easily overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of papers on the topic under investigation. I have become much more effective now in researching issues.

I would fully recommend studying with DPG, for I honestly cannot imagine any better provider. DPG really goes the extra mile for its students.”

If you would like to find out more about our CIPD Advanced Level 7 qualifications, click here.

Chris James – British Gas 

Chris works as an L&D Service Delivery Partner and has just successfully completed his CIPD Level 3 L&D programme.chris james

“I chose to use DPG as they were able to offer an in-house solution to a group of L&D employees at a competitive rate and have an excellent reputation for delivering quality programmes.

I wanted a depth of understanding of L&D as I had recently taken over responsibility for the design, delivery and planning of our L&D function. The programme had a great mix of workshops and self-lead learning, with plenty of opportunity to put my learning into practice over the course of the 9 months.

I’ve got a much deeper level of understanding of how L&D impacts the organisation I work in and I’m able to practically apply the course material into my role. My ultimate career aspiration would be to become an L&D/HR director.

DPG are a great company to study with as they provide an excellent level of support through the facilitator and online tools. They understood our business and challenges and were able to integrate them into the workshops so that the scenarios were brought to life rather than theorised.”

Kristal Armitage 

kristalKristal works as a Training and Quality Consultant for an insurance company. She is due to start her CIPD Level 3 Diploma in L&D and is one of our customers taking advantage of our new payment terms. With a 10% deposit and paying over 48 months, Kristal liaised with one of our Programme Advisors and completed her payment plan all on the same day.

“My specialist area is underwriting but I am also responsible for conducting new starter inductions for all employees into the Manchester office. The training component of the role involves writing and updating all training material and delivering training to new starters, refresher training, and product, system and process update training. In terms of the quality aspect, I check all work over the underwriters’ sign off, conduct retrospective audits and collate trends for use in discussions with managers regarding performance.

I decided to study with DPG because of the company’s good reputation and the clear and helpful course literature; the course design is also well suited to my work life. The new payment plans are excellent and very flexible. They have made it possible for me to enrol on the programme.

Did the payment plans influence your decision to study?
Absolutely, it would not have been possible for me to join the course without this.

What do you hope to do at the end of the programme?
I am currently in a situation where my company has been bought out and the new parent company are closing the Manchester office. Relocation is not an option for me and so I hope that the qualification will enable me to find a new training role and give me a more rounded knowledge of learning and development.”


Amy Bowler – Time Inc.

Amy Bowler is an Advertising Sales Manager at Time Inc. (UK) and is currently studying the CIPD Level 3 Learning and Development.amy

“I’ve recently moved into a training and development role as I wanted to develop myself, be confident in my role and learn more about designing and building sessions.”

I chose DPG through word of mouth initially, but overall the website, the approach, the DPG community and the reviews have been great. I spoke to a really helpful man that gave me all the information I needed. I also like that you pride yourselves in your pass rate.

What do you enjoy most about your programme?
I really enjoy the community offering, meeting everyone and working together as a group. My only feedback is that I would have preferred this when we first started, I think it naturally puts everyone at ease and people would feel more confident to comment and get involved in the community topics.

How do you feel the programme has helped you?
It has massively helped with my confidence, passing all of my assignments and taking on the feedback just means I’m getting better; I am seeing things differently, thinking differently and ultimately using some of the things in the e-learning lessons in my workshops “the 5 whys”.

What would you say to other people thinking about studying with DPG?
I would thoroughly recommend it, Howard has been really supportive and there whenever I have needed something. Steve in the group is really helpful and I am looking forward to the delivery of our project in September. The community is really informative and encouraging and I just feel genuinely looked after and supported.

Charlotte Cowan – London Zoo

Charlotte CowanCharlotte is a HR Business Partner at the Zoological Society of London and has been studying the CIPD Level 7 Diploma in HR Management for nearly a year.

“I have been wanting to do it for several years but didn’t have the money or support to do so. I decided to study the CIPD Advanced Level programme to increase my knowledge in HR theories & practice. Also, to become a Chartered CIPD HR professional to increase my credibility. My employer provided me with the funding and support.

I chose DPG because I wanted to complete this course flexibly and fit studying into my schedule rather than fitting my schedule around studying. I often need to work late and was concerned that if I had to go to University once or twice a week, then I would have a high absence rate and miss important information.”

What do you enjoy most about your programme?
I enjoy the support which DPG gives i.e. the regular workshops, the workbooks and the network. I am already using the knowledge gained, it has opened my eyes to other organisations and allowed me to understand the importance of research.

What would you say to other people thinking about studying with DPG?
If you worry about the idea of going to university once/twice a week and have a busy life then using DPG is for you. You can fit the study around the schedule, you get lots of different learning materials and support, and you get to build a network of contacts.


Dan Hewitt – VocaLink

dan hewittDan works as a Senior L&D Advisor at VocaLink and has been studying the CIPD Advanced Level 7 Diploma in HR Development for nearly a year.

“I felt that I had good operational knowledge of Learning & Development, but needed a wider strategic view in order to add more to my business. The Level 7 Diploma in HR Development seemed to match what I was looking for in this respect.”

What attracted you to DPG?

The location, the fact that CIPD recommended them, and because of the in-depth information and outlines provided before I signed up.

What do you enjoy most about your programme?

I’m really getting a lot out of the programme and I enjoy the blend between face-to-face, self-study, and community support.

How do you feel the programme has helped you?

So far, the programme has really opened my eyes to a number of new ideas that I’ve been able to implement in my role. While the first year hasn’t been completely aligned, as it’s mainly HR focused, it has widened my thinking about the impact of external events on business and strategy. I’ve picked up a lot about working with others and ensuring everything is aligned, while also developing a more strategic mindset where HR/L&D partner the business and drive performance. I’ve also increased my understanding of the work my wider HR team do in the business.

The face-to-face elements have enabled me to further extend my network, and the DPG community always has good discussions, blogs, and content to help widen my thinking.

The biggest thing I’ve got out of the programme is through my research for my Management Report. I’ve discovered a whole new way of thinking around Learning & Development which is really driving my development. I’m directly able to implement this back into my role and my own learning has massively accelerated through this process.

What would you say to other people thinking about studying with DPG?

You have to be self-disciplined and prepared to do lots of reading. But, if you engage with the DPG community and make the most of the support available to you, you’ll really be able to accelerate your learning and make a real impact in your role.


Lilit Hakobyan

71 Lilit Hakobyan demonstrates how travelling from afar holds no barriers.

“Having worked in a number of organisations where the HRM/HRD function has been central to the organisation, I came to realise the importance of a professional qualification. CIPD was my first preference as I embarked on an extensive search for HR professional qualifications worldwide. I was primarily looking for a course which would meet my needs, as I live in Armenia and would need to make regular trips to London. So DPG’s blended approach was perfect for this.”

Lilit believes the course pace and flexibility is also a great way of obtaining a CIPD qualification: “The programmes are delivered in chunks so that you can fit them into your life and access it from anywhere. The qualification is heavily based on practice and so I am learning a lot and I get to apply it from day one.”

“The support and resources throughout have also been fantastic and of a very high quality, making it a really interesting, engaging way of learning. I have felt supported throughout, with highly qualified and experienced facilitators there to offer help and advice with their real world experience. The online community is wonderful as well, as I can chat to other people in the same position as me, and the peer to peer support is critical for my course and personal progression.”

Lilit hopes to complete her studies to further progress her career in the public sector.


Paula Adamson – Specsavers


We’re delighted that Specsavers’ Head of Learning & Development for retail operations in the UK and Ireland, Paula Adamson, has chosen DPG for her Level 7 CIPD qualification, after completing her level 5 with us last year.

Tell us a bit about your role.

I joined Specsavers 12 years ago in a regional training role as a member of the team that I now manage. Since then, I’ve had six different roles including roles in management training and working with the new store’s team. Embarking on my Level 5 three years ago really helped to put a stake in the ground to show I was serious about career progression.

I currently lead a team of 45 L&D professionals who are responsible for delivering learning and development to staff in Specsavers’ stores throughout the UK and Ireland. We cover everything from optical training to contact lenses, product training and customer service.

Specsavers has become increasingly international since I joined. The company now has 17,000 employees and 1,500 stores in 10 countries, as far away as Australia and New Zealand. We used to be fairly UK-centric, and push most of our training out from the UK, but increasingly we’re looking at what’s working best in the different territories, and making the best practice core for the whole business, wherever that may have originated from.

Why did you choose DPG?

I knew that I didn’t want to do something purely by distance learning, and looked at different CIPD providers who offered a blended learning approach. I really liked the fact that DPG offered such flexibility, both in terms of the time taken to complete the qualification, and that I could be flexible about workshop locations. I attended workshops in both London and Birmingham, which not only worked well with my schedule, but also meant that I had the opportunity to meet a wider network of professionals.

I completed my Level 5 CIPD qualification last August, and was keen to continue my professional development, and started my Level 7 in October. It’s sometimes challenging juggling work, family and studying, but the company is very supportive, and I know it’s going to be really worthwhile. I’m hoping to complete my Level 7 in two years, but it’s good to know that I can extend that if I have to.

What benefits did you get from your Level 5 qualification with DPG?

Aside from broadening my knowledge, it’s been great for networking and I’ve been really lucky with the people I met. Eight of us who embarked on the qualification together three years ago, who were working in similar roles, have built our own networking group. It’s a really strong group, and we try to meet up once a quarter to share ideas. And because I attended workshops in different locations, I’ve had the opportunity to dip in and out of other groups too.


Adam Gilroy – Northgate Plc


Adam Gilroy is a Learning and Development Business Partner at Northgate Plc.

“I chose DPG due to the fantastic relationship Northgate has with the company. We currently conduct MAP managerial development courses through DPG and we have really positive experiences from the company. The course was also recommended by a previous mentor who attended and loved the course.

I decided to take the L&D Autumn course to enhance my academic knowledge on the subject of L&D. I have gained a lot of experience over the last 5 years in my role but felt like I needed to take my knowledge to the next level and start developing. The course has helped me do this.

I enjoyed the blended learning approach and the atmosphere created by our facilitator, Krystyna Gadd. Our group were very close and the course allowed us to develop a network of contacts that supported one another through the learning. The online modules are really easy to use and submit.

The course has definitely enhanced my knowledge on the subject of L&D and given me confidence to take my career to the next level. I have a network of close friends for life and feel much more knowledgeable on the subject of return on investment and accelerated learning.

My career aspirations are ultimately to become a learning and development manager in a FTSE 500 company. I would like to then progress to HR director at some stage with further studying. I would love to one day own my own business delivering L&D/HR advise in some capacity.

DPG provides a fantastic environment to learn, the facilities are great, the facilitators are knowledgeable and the online modules are easy to submit. Plus, feedback is both informative and swift.”

Tina Dooling – Stockport Homes


My name is Tina Dooling and I am the HR Administrator for Stockport Homes. I chose to study my CIPD Level 3 in HR Practice with DPG because of their great reputation for delivering success. I spoke with colleagues who have studied with DPG and consulted with the L&D team and decided it was the best option for me.

Why did you decide to do your course?

I decided to do my course because I felt it was the right time to learn more about HR and the role I could play within the organisation. I had been in my role just over a year and wanted to get a better understanding of the theory and practice in HR. While I was very experienced with Administration, I wanted to learn more and gain an accredited qualification.

What did you enjoy most about your course?

I enjoyed the entirety of the course, however there were a number of aspects which I found the most beneficial. Firstly, the layout of the course, how it is spread over seven months with a blend of workshops and online. The flexibility of studying with DPG was a major plus, being able to create my own timetable in line with the deadlines set by DPG empowered me as I got to work at my own speed. Furthermore, the support offered throughout my studies was very helpful. I could access support online, in person or on the phone with staff and fellow learners. The trio of layout, flexibility and support are the three main factors which I enjoyed the most.

How do you feel the course has helped you?

I feel the course has helped me on a number of levels both professionally and personally. It has built my knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles deployed in HR, which in turn has boosted my confidence throughout my day to day work. I feel that the insight offered by studying alongside people who are in the same position as you, has given me invaluable experience and assurance. It was refreshing to share my thoughts and feelings with people who felt the same and it gave me a real sense of comfort and assurance that is crucial when learning. One of the best outcomes the course has given me is the bonds I made while studying. I made some lasting friendships in such a short space of time.

What are your ultimate career aspirations?

My career aspirations are not that of a certain job or role but about specific values. I want to ensure that whatever I do, I’m doing for the right reasons and I’m making a difference, as cliché as that sounds. I pride myself on being a reliable member of the team and want to continue learning for as long as possible. Of course, I don’t want to stay as an administrator forever, I want to progress and I want to experience new roles and positions. My main aim is to conduct myself in a professional manner, to be a good person and to continue to help make organisations better by helping the people in them.

What would you say to other people thinking about studying with DPG?

Honestly… go for it. DPG are supportive, relaxed and disciplined. You create your own learning environment through the DPG framework, everyone has the opportunity to excel providing you’re willing to put in 100%, DPG are always willing to help and you will meet good people along the way.


Faye Smith – Manchester United


DPG like to do things differently. Twice a year we offer our new CIPD participants the opportunity to win back their programme fees in a random draw. The lucky winner of our fourth draw is Faye Smith, Training & Resource Officer with Manchester United Football Club, who is working towards the CIPD Level 3 Certificate in L&D.  We’ve interviewed Faye to find out a bit about her.

Tell us a bit about your role at Manchester United?

I work in Manchester United’s Ticketing and Membership Services team, providing L&D support to the customer services team. I’m quite new to L&D – I’ve been in the role for 12 months, and was previously a customer service advisor myself, mainly dealing with customers on the telephone. I’m involved in setting up inductions for new members of staff and setting up training programmes. I think it really helps that I’ve done the customer services role before, because I really understand what will work best for the team.

How do you fit studying around your job?

I try to study for at least six to eight hours a week. It’s quite a lot when you work full time, but I’m learning so much that it’s definitely worthwhile.

Why did you choose DPG?

I did quite a lot of research about L&D qualifications suited to my role and CIPD seemed to offer the best options. I looked at several providers but had really good feedback on DPG from some of my colleagues who had done their qualifications with DPG, and it was definitely the right decision for me.

What’s been the best thing about the programme so far?

I really enjoyed my first workshop, and I met some very interesting people. Most of them were already working in training roles and it was great to hear about their different experiences in L&D and ask them questions and get feedback on what I was doing. It was also a really good opportunity to get to know my facilitator, Joanne Edwards, who has given me her personal contact details so I can get in touch when I need support.

How is the programme helping you in your role?

I’ve just completed my third month, so I’m half way there, and I’ve learned an awful lot already. The programme is giving me really valuable insights into how to conduct a learning needs analysis, and how to set up new L&D programmes.

How did you feel when Simon called you to let you know that you had won your programme fees back?

This is the first thing I’ve ever won, so I was absolutely delighted. I was lucky because the company paid my programme fees, but this means that the fees will be returned into the training budget and can be used to benefit other team members.