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If you are looking to develop your career in Learning & Development, Human Resources or Management, then we can help.

By developing your skills and knowledge you increase your professional credibility, boost your earning potential and promotion prospects. Professional development is a big commitment which is why we offer a variety of face to face and online ways to learn, which you can fit around your work and lifestyle. You can also choose a payment option to suit your budget.

We’re here to help you make the right decisions and to help you select the right qualification based on your skills and experience. Our expert advisers guide you through your options and help you make the right decision. Plus when you’re on a programme with us, you’re supported by your Facilitator every step of the way.

Along with your Facilitator you get unlimited 24/7 access to the online DPG Community where you can get support and help from your peers and other professionals. You can even continue to use and access the DPG Community for free once you’ve completed your programme.

There’s everything you need to have the best learning experience while you develop yourself. Our independent customer ratings highlight the great experiences available to support your professional development.

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