February 1, 2019

Thinking about getting into HR?

Why HR is important

“People are our most important asset”.

How many times do we hear CEO’s say this to customers, staff and shareholders? If  true, then what does this mean for HR, the team who generally have the ‘people remit’ within an organisation?

Ask any successful CEO and they’ll tell you that their HR team is at the ‘heart’ of their organisation.

More often than not, the HR Director is also a key member of the Exec and Board teams. That’s an exciting and challenging place to be in any organisation and why HR remains such an attractive profession!

Just think about the scope of most HR teams. Whilst an effective and engaging line manager is irreplaceable,  great HR teams guide and support organisations in every conceivable way. They provide the effective tools, policies and procedures to ensure employees’ wellbeing, safety, development, training and reward are all given the care and attention they deserve. From the moment potential recruits make contact, to the day an employee exits an organisation: HR plays a crucial role.

What is HR’s role in creating a great first impression?

Wouldn’t it be great if every person in your organisation said fantastic things about what it’s like to work there? Well, that’s all about an organisation’s culture. And HR is central to shaping an organisation’s culture and environment. Think about it. HR is at the heart of the employee lifecycle.

HR helps you attract, grow and retain the best people. People who fit into your organisation’s ethos and are enthused and energised about your purpose. People who share a similar set of personal values.

Your first contact with that organisation you’re keen on joining is generally with the HR recruitment team. They’ll handle those all-important first interactions. The ones that build impressions of what working for the company is like, beyond the shiny website and corporate literature. For example, HR reps will likely be in interviews, sitting alongside the hiring manager, giving you a flavour of what the people within that organisation are like.

They’ll then guide you through the onboarding process, helping you understand what the organisation’s like to work for and what’s expected of you as a new member of the team. Don’t forget, HR does all the practical things too. They’re responsible for adding you to payroll systems and ensuring your tech works from day one!

Then, throughout your stay with an organisation, HR will be supporting you and your manager in making sure your experience is a positive one. If you choose to move on, its HR who’ll make sure your exit is pain free and everything goes smoothly.

You can view some great career stories on the CIPD website talking about all kinds of career paths.

To infinity… And beyond!

As well as assisting with the day-to-day, HR is vitally important to an organisation’s health and success in the long-term. There’s a range of related articles that you may find useful on this topic on our community site.

A great HR team helps an organisation achieve its vision by defining the people plan that underpins the corporate strategy. Quite simply, lofty ambitions and grandiose words come to nothing if you haven’t the right people in the right roles. Even more so if they don’t have the right skills and experience, delivering the right service to your customers.

I’ve mentioned the importance of recruiting people who are a strong ‘fit’ organisationally (read more from DPG colleague Ady Howes, Community Mentor, here. There’s also a financial imperative too. If you consider that most recruitment takes at least three months (and can sometimes be upwards of a year), and it generally costs about two times the annual income of that new employee, it’s abundantly clear why getting recruitment right is so important.

But it doesn’t stop there…

There’s definitely some truth that ‘employees don’t leave organisations – they leave managers’, it’s not the whole story. If your workforce can’t see how they can develop or progress in your organisation, they will leave for somewhere they believe they can. So a great HR team also develops career ladders, internal opportunities and succession and talent planning at all levels. They provide learning and development opportunities to support people at all levels and with all different kinds of career aspirations.If you’re keen on a career in L&D, see how DPG can support you here.

They’ll also have a supporting recruitment policy that looks to promote internal talent first before looking externally. That and they’ll have a reward and recognition structure that recognises and celebrates colleagues who are doing a great job. Quite simply, if you want your organisation to be successful, you need a great HR team to support you.

Why a job in HR could be right for you: final thoughts…

So, going back to the start, why is HR so important and why could it be the right career for you? Well, we here at DPG believe that all great organisations need a great HR team who will:

  • Help recruit outstanding new talent who will be with the organisation in the long-term
  • Do the basics brilliantly– from setting up new starters to managing sickness and absence, a great HR team will work seamlessly in the background to support employees, making organisation life simple and straightforward
  • Develop the culture– help shape ‘how we do things around here’. From onboarding new starters to making it easy for people to do their jobs, a great HR team will help your organisation attract and develop people for the long-term
  • Develop your workforce – from effective performance reviews and training plans, to talent pipelines – HR is the team who will help equip your workforce with the skills it needs to deliver your long-term business goals
  • Help mediate disputes– there will never be a business where everything goes well all of the time and there is no conflict between employees or management. A great HR team stands shoulder to shoulder with line management in these instances to help resolve any issues
  • Ensure everything’s legal and compliant– while company secretariats and legal functions resolve most legal issues coming an organisation’s way, HR ensures employment laws are followed

We’d love to help you take your next step in HR!

We believe great organisations need a great HR team. We’d love to discuss with you how DPG can help you take the next step in your career (and there are many reasons why qualifications are important [link to https://www.dpgplc.co.uk/2016/10/benefits-getting-cipd-qualified/])and support your HR needs.

Whatever stage you are in your career, we’ve a range of HR, L&D, Leadership & Management and in-house training courses to support you and your people. Why not take a look at the various options on our site, including a range of toolkits, or call 0330 660 0220 to talk to one of our qualified Advisers about how we can support you.