September 4, 2018

The Kids Have Gone Back To School — 5 Reasons Why You Should Too

Do you hear that? Of course you don’t – it’s silence. Hooray! After weeks of day trips, holidays and exhaustion, the kids have gone back to school. You can’t exactly rest, as life strides on regardless. But at least you have a little more time to yourself, time to ponder on your career, or your place in the universe…

The last point is perhaps too vast to consider here (and dramatically off-topic). But your development is not only on-topic, but something to consider right now. Why should you consider it?

  • Time

Quite simply, you have more time now. You know that course you thought about taking, or that qualification that you need to upskill? There’s not a better time than now. The kids have gone back to school, after all.

You could also be a study-buddy to your offspring. Depending on their age they’ll either love that or “love” that. Either way, you’ll develop yourself. And see if they’re doing their homework…

  •  Automation

If you’ve not heard of automation, it is one of the most frightening words of the modern age.


It’s going to have an astonishing impact on the job market. For example, in Wales, 1 in 3 jobs is at risk*, particularly in the manufacturing, retail and wholesale sectors.

Therefore, it’s imperative to prepare for this, and look at (if you’re not already) fields resistant to these changes.

What fields are these?

According to Dr Matthew Fenech, the skills most resistant to automation are caring, interpersonal, and communication. A job focused on these e.g. in HR, tech, or learning, should stand you in good stead.

  • New Projects

You may be on the back of a Summer full of fantastic holidays and quality family time. As a result, you may be feeling pretty down, or even nervous, about your kids returning to school.

If this is you, then it sounds like you need a new project. Something to focus your mind, and distract you from the post-break blues.

If you can do this while developing yourself, and gaining a professional qualification, then all the better!

  •  Increase Your Prospects #1

Good employees are made by schooling. Whether it’s in primary or secondary, life experience, or in learning programmes beyond that.

Undertaking a qualification while working not only has the benefits of getting you qualified, and developing your skills. It also shows employers (current and potential) your commitment to Continued Professional Development. And that you are someone who wants to upskill and add value to the business.

  • Increase Your Prospects #2   

Quite simply, some jobs demand a certain level of qualified expertise from employees. If you want a certain job, you have to get a certain qualification.

I repeat: what time is better than now? None I say!

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