July 26, 2017

Employment Law for Line Managers – Recruitment, Pay and Retention


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This toolkit will ensure that your actions, as well as those of the wider business, follow the rules of employment law is a vital role of HR professionals. It will introduce you to the major components of employment legislation to ensure that neither you or anyone else in your organisation acts unlawfully regarding pay, recruitment or working hours.


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This toolkit is broken down into three distinct modules, each detailing a specific element of recruitment, pay and retention. All the modules are online and should take roughly 2 hours to complete, so you can work through the toolkit at your own pace.

Module 1 – Management of recruitment and selection

Gain a greater understanding of how to conduct job interviews and manage overall selection and recruitment procedures lawfully. As well as improving your recruitment and talent acquisition skills, you’ll ensure that you’re always following the law in terms of discrimination, contract law and instances where there’s a breach of contract.

Module 2 – Lawful management of pay and working time

In this module, you’ll explore how an HR professional should lawfully manage workplace issues regarding pay and working hours.You’ll gain insights into topics including the laws relating to working time issues, family-friendly rights and all legal rights relating to pay. 

Module 3 – Lawful treatment of staff

The final module in this toolkit features the specific issues revolving around the rightful treatment of company employees. You’ll learn to ensure you’re treating staff in a lawful manner in the workplace, including:

  • Health and safety at work
  • Discrimination laws
  • Employee obligations
  • Employer obligations
  • Constructive dismissal

Who is the toolkit for?

This toolkit has been specifically designed for managers and small business owners. The HR regulatory knowledge is essential to ensure that business leaders have the appropriate skills and understanding to effectively manage employees. It’s strongly advised that anyone in a management position who is unfamiliar with good HR practice should take part in this toolkit.


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