October 3, 2016

Milly’s Journey

Our brand new CIPD Level 5 HR online programme has just gone live and we’re sharing the excitement with our first few participants, one of which is Milly Dingle, Personnel & Facilities Manager, whose journey we will follow throughout the programme.

Milly will be sharing her thoughts and experiences on the programme as a new participant. To find out more about our new online CIPD Level 5 Certificate in HR Management, click here.

“My experience with DPG has been brilliant. I started speaking to Simon O’Neil months before I started my journey with DPG. It wasn’t right for me at the time so I contacted him a few months later and it was great that he remembered who I was. Simon was always on hand to answer the numerous questions I had about the Level 3 HRP Diploma and always took the time to ensure I had all the information I needed. The literature provided from DPG was also really useful to read and answered a lot of the questions I had.

I never felt any ‘sales’ pressure from Simon to book on to the course which is a big reason why I chose DPG as my CIPD provider. I also liked the condensed time scales, enabling you to achieve the qualifications quicker than other providers.

I chose to do the Level 5 programme to further my career and always have a strong qualification behind me. The reason I chose to do it online was that it offered me the flexibility I needed as I work full time. It also took the pressure off knowing I could do it at my own pace.

I have found the DPG Community to be a great help. It’s an amazing resource having my HR experience and resources in one place. I’ve often posted questions about queries I’ve had at work and had several people respond.

The units I am looking forward to the most from my CIPD Level 5 online qualification are both Reward Management and Employment Law as I think they will be the most useful to me.”

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1st week update

After completing her first week, Milly has been in touch with us to give us a quick update on what she’s been up to.

“My first week has gone well. The most daunting part is getting back in to a learning frame of mind.

The webinar was a great way to get to know my Personal Facilitator, Gary and our way round the new systems, Enable and the Virtual College. It was also nice to find out about the other people on the course, what their backgrounds are and their skills set.

I’ve worked my way through all the e-lessons which have vastly been improved since doing my CIPD Level 3 in HR and it’s now time to tackle the assignments, wish me luck!”

Good luck Milly!

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2nd week update

After successfully finishing her second week of DPG’s new CIPD Level 5 HR Management 100% online course, Milly is back to give us another update.

DPG: “Hi Milly, how are you? I hope your second week has gone smoothly. It would be great to get a short update on how you’ve found the first two weeks on the 100% online Level 5 HR course?”

Milly: “I’m very well thanks, I’m really enjoying the course.”

DPG: “Fantastic! So how are you finding the new approach, working with Becky and @Zip_HR and with different clients in our ground-breaking new Business District?”

Milly: “The Business District is very realistic and the way you’re fed the information draws you in, making it very easy to learn and digest the knowledge being provided. It’s great to have a variety of activities to complete and @Zip_HR really brings that to life by having different clients with varying levels of knowledge. It makes the process very engaging and you feel like you’re getting to know them as you would in a real environment.”

DPG: “Thanks for the update Milly, it’s great to hear that you’re finding the course engaging and the scenarios are very similar to a real work environment. As the know the course has been designed to put you through real simulations in a variety of industries and you’ll meet more clients and be set more challenges as you progress. The purpose of these simulations is to help you transfer your knowledge & skills straight back in to the workplace. We’ll catch up with you soon to see how you’re getting on. Thanks Milly”

1 month update

By week 4, Milly has now worked closely with Becky from ZipHR and many other clients in the Business District, she has been introduced to her Persona Facilitator, Gary and has networked with other CIPD Level 5 Online programme.

DPG: “Hi Milly, how are you getting on with your CIPD programme?”

Milly: “The support on the course so far has been great. I really enjoy being part of a group and have been contributing and sharing information with the other members already. The distance doesn’t seem to have stopped us from interacting and asking how one another is getting on.”

DPG: “That’s fantastic to hear! And how are you finding your Personal Facilitator, Gary?”

Milly: “Gary has been a tremendous help to me too. I tend to need reassuring that I’m on the right track and he does a great job at responding to me quickly. He even made and sent a little video clip giving me some great pointers with guidance on our first assessment. It’s a great CPD experience to get used to online learning!”

DPG: “Thanks for the update Milly! We’ll catch up soon.”

We now offer the CIPD Level 5 Online HR Diploma and Certificate.

3rd month update

3 months in to the CIPD Level 5 HR 100% online programme, Milly is back to update us on how she’s getting on with the qualification.

DPG: “Hi Milly, how are you finding ?”

Milly: “The scenarios within the Business District are very realistic and can be related to my role within HR reflecting issues often found within the workplace. It makes you analyse the situation in depth thinking of the wider context and how it could affect the wider business. The scenarios help you to begin breaking down a particular issue and think of what steps are needed to resolve it, preparing you to put this in writing when it comes to your assessment.”

DPG: “And with the Christmas holidays coming up, how will you balance completing your assessments and family time?”

Milly: “I plan to go home for Christmas and the ability to work online means I can keep studying wherever I am! This flexibility helps me to juggle what is a very busy time.”

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