May 14, 2020

Meet Our HR Record Breaker Robert Pender

Robert Pender completed the Level 5 HR Diploma with DPG in record breaking time, beating our previous record holder Richard Spencer by 28 days.

It took Robert just 93 days to complete his Human Resource Diploma including all assessments and marking from DPG’s expert facilitators.

We interviewed Robert about his DPG experience and we hope this inspires our future learners to take on the challenge and get CIPD Qualified with DPG.

What is your role and your experience in the industry?

The focus of my career has primarily centred around customer experience, leading teams and managing people functions. I consider it paramount for people in experience driven fields to understand the vital part communities (customers and employees) play in organisations. Focusing on the human experience, results in positive business outcomes that everyone benefits from.

It’s critical “experience architects” have a very rounded view of how to improve organisational performance and the lives of the very people that will make that happen.

The World Employee Experience Institute & The Customer Experience Professionals Association are both leading figures in their respective fields, which is why I’ve invested time in gaining accreditations with them.

What made you decide to complete the CIPD L5 HR Qualification with DPG?

The reasons were twofold. The personable and positive initial interactions I had with DPG staff from the outset and the incredibly flexible studying options available. These two reasons made the decision for me.

How has your experience studying with DPG been?

Given my customer experience background, I admit I’m hard to please, but I can honestly say DPG didn’t put a foot wrong. Whatever help I needed I was supported throughout.

How did you find the support from your facilitator? 

The team of facilitators were absolute legends (I typically dish out such high praise sparingly) and instrumental in my success and enjoyment of the experience. It would’ve been a far more mundane and arduous road to travel without them.

How useful was the feedback from your assessors?

I didn’t pass all modules first time round, and it was the very specific feedback from the assessors that course corrected me and gave me the guidance I needed for any resubmissions.

How did you use the DPG Community throughout the course of your programme? 

Not only is the community a wealth of information, but everyone is incredibly supportive. From the webinars to the community discussions, everyone wants to help. I’ve made some great connections with many fellow students.

Approximately how much time did you have to put in each week to get it done in 93 days?

Approximately 40 hours.

How did you manage a work-life balance while studying? 

It wasn’t without its challenges, but DPG structure studying to suit the individual and not the other way around. This afforded me the freedom to invest as much or as little time as I had available on a given day and work to my own timetable.

What are the highlights/success stories that stand out while studying this course? Any key moments?

Passing the course in circa 3 months was great of course. However, the enjoyment of the overall experience is by far the best takeaway and what I’ll remember over and above anything.

What advice would you give to anyone wishing to study CIPD L5 with DPG?

Once you’ve decided it’s right for you, go for it. It’s a far less daunting proposition than it actually appears from the outset.

A lot of work is required granted, but you’ve everything you need to be successful. Attend the webinars and get involved in community dialogue. There’s an amazing learning experience ahead of you that you won’t regret.

What are your next steps now you have this qualification?

I’m eyeing up Level 7 later this year. This is a springboard to a whole new career outlook, and I’m excited to add this qualification to my other people focused ones and put everything I’ve learnt into practice.

Congratulations once again to Robert! Feel up to the challenge? Take a look at our qualifications here.

Please note that the HR qualifications that appear on this page will be replaced in 2021. For more information on this change please read the CIPD’s announcement here.