August 21, 2018

HR CIPD qualifications – why bother learning?

Not only is investing in learning time-consuming, the benefits of it are hard to quantify. It’s also expensive.

Many employees, managers and businesses (perhaps you are one of them?) have expressed similar sentiments to the above.

Fortunately, all of that’s just pure mythology. These tips will show the benefits of investing in learning for HR team. Your face will ache (from smiling) at the end of this article.

You need to nurture to grow

  • Expertise: a tree analogy

Isn’t woodland wonderful? The reason it’s wonderful is due to a constant process of nurturing by Marvellous Mother Nature.

Like a beautiful oak you, or your staff, need a process to thrive. That process is development.

CIPD qualifications give people exposure to the expertise of programme facilitators, who are professionals in HR. They keep individuals in touch with industry developments e.g. on employment law. If you’re an employer, they send vital messages to your staff: that they are important, are valued, and that you are passionate about investing in them.


If you’re an employer, your HR team is much more likely to love working for you. Whatever your need, expert knowledge will be added to you or  your team with newly acquired learning and knowledge.


  • Routine: another tree analogy

We have agreed that woodland is wonderful. But leaves turn dry then die, leaving the branches bare and skeletal. This is because of its inability to alter routine.

But you, dear reader, can change your routine. And that’s obviously good. You don’t want to be bare and bony, do you?


Learning gives you, or your HR team, the chance to listen to different perspectives, and see alternative attitudes. It encourages different ways to solve problems.


  • Professionalism: yes, another tree analogy

I imagine that you have a favourite tree in your local park, or woodland. The reason it’s your favourite is probably because of the way it looks. Maybe it has some elegant flowers around the roots, or perhaps the bark just makes you laugh.

A CIPD qualification won’t make you laugh, but you will love the way it looks. It will give you, or your team, an enhanced standing among peers with an industry-recognised qualification.


You, or your HR team, will benefit from a boosted profile and credibility within the HR community, thereby creating a sense of trust. Professionalism will exude from every branch of your being.


  • Efficiency: a tree metaphor

Picture this. Marvellous Mother Nature wants to save energy. To do this, she has decided to stop the clouds raining, and the sun shining. Soon, she realises what a mistake this decision was. In all honesty, it would be pretty disastrous wouldn’t it?


While there is a time and financial cost for learning, think of it this way: being highly trained, motivated, and knowledgeable will bring amazing benefits.


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