September 17, 2020

How CIPD Level 7 Can Take Your Career in HR to the Next Level

At DPG we’re always striving to be better, something that is evident in the programmes and courses we offer. From those looking to take their first steps in Human Resources to current professionals that want to advance within the industry, we provide the tools you need to grow your career.

But what about those who are already established HR professionals?

Through a CIPD Level 7 Qualification, HR managers can expand their skills and knowledge even further and have more of an impact on how Human Resources is implemented in the workplace. Below we explore how the CIPD Level 7 certificate and diploma works and how DPG can help you achieve it.

What is CIPD Level 7?

CIPD Level 7 is an advanced programme that helps established HR managers continue climbing the career ladder. Completing a Level 7 diploma is the equivalent of earning a postgraduate degree and will give you the necessary qualification to apply for CIPD Chartered status.

How does the course work?

We provide a unique learning experience with a mix of facilitator-led workshops, case study learning, community involvement and online learning. Combined, these four elements enable you to apply your knowledge to develop the skills and behaviours you need in order to operate strategically in HR and L&D.

Previous experience in Human Resources is a prerequisite for a Level 7 certificate, but we’ll be doing more than simply teaching you how to be a HR Manager. The course will have you engaging in your learning, with ownership of your qualification journey and active participation.

Throughout the course, you’ll be supported by your facilitator, an industry expert hand-picked by DPG. All our facilitators are CIPD qualified, have recent experience working in HR and L&D and have completed all the qualifications that they teach. Your facilitator will be available throughout the duration of the programme, ready to offer help and guidance when you need it.

Course structure

The programme also provides you with access to Clearly Training’s online programme for interpreting financial information in business. You will gather, analyse and interpret data and learn how to use it to make key decisions. 

Our Level 7 programme includes two CIPD exams. However, we fully prepare you for these and also make the assessment as engaging as possible; you’ll even participate in a Dragon’s Den-style challenge in the Skills for Business Leadership module.

Last, but certainly not least, we run regular virtual workshops throughout the programme so that you can meet up “face-to-face” with your peer group. Throughout these workshops, your facilitator will encourage you to try out and test the skills you are learning to see how far you have progressed and identify what areas need further developing. These are fun, lively, engaging and highly rewarding online events.

Why choose DPG?

At DPG, we’re dedicated to providing the tools you need to advance your career in HR and L&D. We have a 96.3% pass rate across all our programmes and are rated 4.7 out of 5 on Trustpilot, with 84% of reviews stating us as ‘Excellent’. 

We want HR and L&D to sit at the heart of every business, enabling the business to grow and succeed. For us, it’s not just about getting our participants through a qualification – it’s about helping you be the best HR or L&D professional you can be so that you make a real impact and are recognised in your organisation. We aim to develop the HR and L&D professionals of the future, as well as meeting CIPD specifications and requirements.

Our programmes contain current and innovative thinking. We use our extensive networks to keep our programme content relevant, compelling and ahead of the game. 

Learning with DPG includes: 

  • 24/7 support via our award-winning DPG Online Community
  • CIPD-approved facilitation team
  • Real-world applications and unique case study approach
  • 98% recommendation rate from our CIPD graduates
  • Monthly virtual workshops and exceptional support all wrapped up with superb online and interactive learning resources
  • The option to upgrade to CIPD chartered member status

What other resources are available?

The DPG community

The DPG community has a really important role to play in all our courses and it is something that is unique to our programmes. You will have the continual support of your facilitator, as well as access to your peers in a private group. This allows you to form relationships, discuss theories and schedule out-of-classroom meetups. 

Then there is the wider DPG community, those people sharing information and experience on other programmes. We have a dedicated L&D Zone and HR Zone, facilitated by the award-winning L&D expert Martin Couzins and Sarah Loates from Loates HR. These Zones keep members up to date with all the latest industry thinking and provide responses to queries. The Zone encourages all of our L&D learners, past and present, to engage with each other, talk and share experiences and knowledge. This is ongoing – even after you complete your programme and have your certification, you can still engage here and continue learning.

Case studies

Our programmes all have a case study company at their heart. This allows you to act as the HR or L&D professional for the case study company and get to try out ideas and techniques. With this opportunity, you’ll learn from those experiences in a safe environment before applying it for real in your own role. From trialling a learning needs analysis to exploring the 70:20:10 framework, you can do it all with this invaluable facility.

Learn more about our CIPD Advanced Level 7 qualifications in HR and L&D, or explore our full range of CIPD programmes.