September 17, 2018

How a CIPD in Learning & Development Helped Sam Boucher

We like to ask for feedback from our learners, especially after they’ve completed one of our programmes. It’s important: it helps us cater to their needs, and to gauge the success of our learning approach.

Has the qualification helped them develop their skills, and if so, how? Has it helped advance their career, and achieve their aspirations and goals?

We are very fortunate to have engaged learners, who are willing to give detailed feedback. One such learner is Sam Boucher, an L&D Manager at Nationwide. We had a great chat with her after she completed her CIPD Level 5 in Learning & Development. It’s worth a read and will hopefully give you some ideas on how you can accelerate your own learning and career.

What were your goals of starting the programme?

I’m continually strengthening my skills and knowledge in L&D through CPD and building relationships with other CIPD professionals. Having led the L&D requirements for huge change programmes, I knew completing the CIPD Level 5 programme would strengthen these experiences with structure and direction. This is what I wanted from the programme.

Sam Boucher, and L&D manager at Nationwide

How has the programme helped your career?

This programme has not only given me so much to consider and investigate, but the confidence to achieve it too.

I’m excited to put all my learning into practice. Organisational Development, whether as an employee or consultant is a direction I want to explore more.

Why did you choose DPG?

As a busy, full-time working mum, I wanted to study with a company that could offer flexibility. DPG’s friendly support network and engaging material really intrigued me. Every aspect was interesting.

I particularly liked that you can interact with other like-minded professionals via the DPG Community. The responses back from DPG on comments you post was exciting.

What would you say to anyone thinking of starting a programme with DPG?

Do it – DPG is the best company I have worked with. When I complete the CIPD Level 7 programme, it will be with them!

I can get bored reading eLearning script after eLearning script, I don’t learn that way. But DPG’s engaging writing, interesting blogs, thought-provoking questions, individual activities and suggested videos were a perfect blend for me (not to mention the occasional workshop with an invested and supportive mentor).

Are you an L&D professional looking for increased confidence, or to become a contemporary expert in the field? Click this link to download our free CIPD Level 5 handbook.


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