September 8, 2016

In-Focus Webinar – Transforming Formal Learning

DPG have teamed up with Towards Maturity to produce the latest In-Focus Report that focuses on Transforming Formal learning.

As a qualifications provider who specialise in structured learning paths, we have been able to share our experiences in the report. Combining our experiences with the benchmark data from Towards Maturity has given us even greater insight in to what top performing organisations are doing in this space.

To launch the report we are delivering a free webinar with Laura Overton who will be providing the high-level findings before the report becomes available for public download. It considers how L&D leaders can transform formal learning in their organisation. Through looking at the learner journey, the role of technology and the role of the classroom trainer, this report aims to build confidence in innovation through investigating the tactics of the most successful organisations.

You can register for the webinar here.