August 4, 2020

Faith Bartlett Completed her Programme in just 74 days

Faith Bartlett completed the Level 5 HR Diploma with DPG in just 74 days, including all assessments and marking from DPG’s expert facilitators. This is the second fastest record we have for anyone completing this qualification with us, and is a tremendous achievement. 

We interviewed Faith about her DPG experience and we hope this inspires our future learners to take on the challenge and get CIPD Qualified with DPG.

What is your role and your experience in the industry?

I’m currently an office manager with HR responsibilities, although all my previous roles have included some degree of training, development, recruitment and general HR duties. I work for an excellent legal firm and as part of my development my practice manager and I discussed developing the HR side of my role, so I began researching study options. I work closely with our HR Manager and could see that while I have plenty of experience I lacked the necessary qualification to access an HR management career.

What made you decide to complete the CIPD L5 HR Qualification with DPG?

This was the only course I found where I could work at my own pace, rather than having content ‘dropped’ on set dates. I knew I wanted to work quite intensely on the programme and needed the freedom to do it at my own convenience, and around the needs of my family. DPG offered the total flexibility I was after.

How has your experience studying with DPG been?

So much more than I was expecting! The breadth of the course content was a surprise, I really enjoyed the theory and the assignments. The interactive nature of the lessons, tests and challenges made the content engaging and relatable. It was interesting studying after having years of practical experience, there were certainly some lightbulb moments along the way! I was also surprised at how many layers of the profession map there were, and how it changed my perspective of the industry.

How did you find the support from your facilitator? 

The facilitators were great – the webinars were a super way to ask questions, and the facilitators always answered emails promptly if I needed any other help, such as opening units.

How useful was the feedback from your assessors?

I had to resubmit one unit and my feedback was clear and the assessor’s comments meant I could alter my work very quickly and meet the assessment criteria.

How did you use the DPG Community throughout the course of your programme? 

I got into the habit of reading all the questions that had been raised when I started each unit – that way I could focus more on areas I knew other students had found tricky and reduced the amount of issues I had myself. It also helped me to stay focussed on the key elements of each assignment, so that I could keep my answers specific and relevant.

Approximately how much time did you have to put in each week to get it done in 74 days?

I started a new unit each Monday – some weeks were more straightforward than others, so on those weeks I got more time off! The first unit was a struggle because it was all so new and I had to learn the layout of the programme and build a system for me to learn, but after that I got into a rhythm and began to enjoy the content. I worked from midmorning to whenever seemed an appropriate place to stop – although as the units became more intense I worked some evenings too.

How did you manage a work-life balance while studying? 

I did the programme while we were locked down, because of Covid-19 – so there wasn’t much balance happening anywhere! I live with my teenage daughters, and they enabled me to study full time – they cooked when I was on a roll and didn’t want to stop, as well as helping out with the shopping and housework so I could focus. They also meant I kept reasonable hours, we had our daily walks and I had time away from studying to be with them, to chill out and keep everything in perspective, which was very useful.

What are the highlights/success stories that stand out while studying this course? Any key moments?

I was particularly looking forward to learning the Employment Law unit, but the Employment Relations unit made me realise that’s what I really want to be focussing on, and where I want to pursue a career. One of the additional tasks at the start of the unit was to look at an employee relations job advert and I got half way through it and thought “BINGO. This is exactly the job I want!”

What advice would you give to anyone wishing to study CIPD L5 with DPG?

Find a routine that works for you, and be disciplined. I approached it as work, rather than something I could dip in and out of. Use the community – other student’s questions and answers saved me loads of time and heartache, particularly when I was stuck. It’s good to know I wasn’t the only one finding certain parts of the course challenging. I also made copious notes (colour coded – I’m so old school) throughout the e-lessons, which helped when it came to the assignments.

What are your next steps now you have this qualification?

I have no immediate plans, just to embed my learning in practice at work. This qualification has given me confidence in the work I do now; I have ideas to share and, I hope, a greater contribution to make, but in addition it has prepared me for any longer term future opportunities that come along. I feel that my qualifications now match my professional experience.

Congratulations once again to Faith! Feel up to the challenge? Take a look at our qualifications here.

Please note that the HR qualifications that appear on this page will be replaced in 2021. For more information on this change please read the CIPD’s announcement here.