July 2, 2013

DPG Community Wins First Award

Last week the DPG team headed down to London to attend the Peer Award finals. We had entered the DPG Community in the Customer Engagement Category and specifically in the Technology for Engagement sub section.

The Peer Awards is not your typical approach to awards as not only were the DPG team going down to present and support the entry; we were also going down as judges.

All the finalists and those who support the finalists are judges for each of the presentations and are responsible for judging each entry against four criteria:

As judges, we were looking for the presentations that we felt were worthy of winning each criteria. Each speaker had only 10 minutes (yes 10 minutes) to provide an overview of their initiative with a further 10 minutes for audience Q&A.

Timings were tight, at 9 minutes and 15 seconds we would receive a yellow card and at 10 minutes exactly the dreaded red card would be shown. It was up to you as a presenter if you ran over but your fellow finalists would not view a 20 minute presentation with no Q&A very favourably.

The DPG Community was up against RedRow Housing and SimplyHealth in our category and both entries were very strong. We were joined on the day by Samantha Paterson who joined us as a customer and DPG Community member. Samantha has benefited hugely from being part of the DPG Community and it was wonderful hearing her positive story during the presentation – even if she was yellow carded!

The day went so fast before long we were voting for the presentations we had seen throughout the day with one award being provided on the day. The other awards to be given at the main awards ceremony in October.

The award that was given at the end of the day was the award for Best Customer Engagement Insight. We were so proud to hear our name called out as joint winners with e-on energy.

Value addedOur entry and presentation had provided our fellow finalists with great insight in to our online community. How the community has been used to engage our customers and create value for them. We believe the key to sustainable business is developing relationships with customers that goes far deeper than a product purchase. They are buying an experience. Our community is making professional development open, social and fun.

A key success for us was sharing our story for others to learn from. As we approach the DPG Community 1st Birthday we’ll be sharing how we’ve approached developing the community and all we’ve learned along the way. Watch this space….

In the meantime here is our entry and presentation plus a video from the day of Mike Collins our Head of Customer Experience giving the presentation.

DPG Community Peer Awards Entry

DPG Community Peer Awards Presentation

DPG Community Peer Awards Video


The finalist speakers