January 29, 2020

DPG Announces Strategic Partnership with LPI

The Learning & Performance Institute (LPI) has joined forces with Developing People Globally (DPG) to help organisations realise the full potential of their people skills and digital competencies.

The partnership agreement enables DPG to market and deliver the LPI’s industry-leading accreditation, certification and ‘Learning Programmes of Excellence’ solutions, driving DPG’s expansion into B2B markets with particular focus on Learning Departments and Corporate Universities.

Using the LPI’s highly-regarded accreditation frameworks, DPG will assess the quality of learning services within organisations and work with these organisations to continually develop their impact on corporate performance. In addition, DPG will leverage LPI certification resources to further develop its work with HR and L&D professionals, supporting them to gain the skills they need to improve their performance and create an impact in their workplace. Continue reading HERE.