MAP 2.0

The online system to objectively benchmark, select and develop your managers and leaders.

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Get more information about this course

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At DPG we’ve been assessing and benchmarking managers and leaders for over 20 years, using MAP 2.0, a unique, powerful and cost effective online assessment system.

On MAP 2.0 you’ll be able to find out:

  • How to effectively tackle poor and under performance
  • How to prioritise whilst faced with conflicting demands from others and senior managers
  • How to get your job done whilst keeping your team engaged and motivated
  • How to make good decisions and problem solving with limited information
  • How to decide when and how to delegate rather than just doing it yourself

Knowing the main strengths and weaknesses of your managers and leaders, and the impact they will have within your organisation will help you with your talent management and succession planning strategy, as well as help you quickly and accurately benchmark where your current and future managers and leader’s strength and development areas lie.

Applications for the MAP 2.0 Family of products:

Competency Benchmark

The MAP 2.0 Competency Framework allows an objective assessment to be completed to benchmark and compare your managers internally or against 150,000 managers worldwide or against specific levels of management  & industries.

Developing Managers

MAP 2.0 Competency Framework is endorsed by the Institute of Leadership & Management. Use MAP 2.0 as part of your management development programme and use the MAP 2.0 assesment & re-assessment to validate that your managers are developing against their objectives and becoming more competent

Recruitment & Selection

A powerful framework that supports the recruitment and selection process by providing an objective approach and assessment of job applicants against the 12 MAP 2.0 managerial competencies

Return on Investment

Measuring managers competency at the beginning and end of their development programme enables you to calculate the Return on Investment of your training intervention

Succession Planning

The MAP 2.0 Competency Framework is used to support your succession planning activity and using the MAP 2.0 assessment tool provides unique individual reports identifying strength areas that can be matched to specific roles and objectives.

Talent Management

The need to engage, retain and promote the best talent has never been more important, from identifying talent to promoting within your organisation, MAP 2.0 Competency Framework is a robust and objective way to identify and support your talent management strategies and programmes.