July 27, 2012

Celebrating Success

No-one likes a show off; a constant feed of “look at how good we are” blogs would turn most people off, including us.

There is of course a fine line between self-promotion and self-indulgence; a balance between sharing things that add value for others and things that are seemingly shared for personal gain.

The balance is important as we all strive to create value for others but at the same time it is important to celebrate your own successes. We encourage our customers and clients to celebrate their success so it’s only right that we celebrate our own and practice what we preach. It’s especially important to celebrate successes when they are fundamental to the products and services you offer.

As an Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) approved centre there are guidelines and standards that we need to uphold.

Each year our in-house Management & Leadership programmes under-go a rigorous review to ensure the standards set by the ILM are upheld.

This year our programmes were reviewed by Rod Jones of the ILM and Rod provided the below feedback on the programmes he reviewed:

“Excellent assessments full of relevant detail and analysis using appropriate tools.

Assessments are clearly-presented, well-written and address all assessment criteria at the appropriate level. They demonstrate good knowledge and understanding. The Centre is to be commended for the quality of the assessments and for ensuring learners develop a sound Project Charter as a basis for their projects.”

Rod then goes on to review the way in which we manage our programme documentation and describes our internal verification processes below;

“All relevant documents readily accessible, including IV plan, IV Reports, learners presentations and assessments, records of learner hours, IV visit interview forms, mark sheets. The management system is comprehensive and easy to navigate and use.

Assessment for the qualification complies with ILM standards. Assessor feedback is supportive, detailed, focused on the assessment criteria and provides guidance as to how the learner could improve his or her mark. IV feedback is exemplary, providing detailed feedback on the learner’s work and guidance and advice to the assessor.”

To say that we’re pleased with the feedback is an understatement as the feedback demonstrates our commitment to upholding the standards set by the ILM. It’s a testament to how hard the team work to ensure the programmes we develop, design and deliver are of the highest quality and standard and really drive value within organisations.

We knew this of course through our customer feedback but to have this externally verified and for us to be commended as an ILM centre with our practices being described as exemplary is something to celebrate.

It’s true that no-one likes a show off but when you have something to celebrate, it’s time to shout from the rooftops and be proud of what you do and how you do it.

What successes have you celebrated recently?

How do you celebrate success?

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