April 8, 2019

Are CIPD qualifications worth it?

Lots of people ask ‘Are CIPD qualifications worth it?’ and for good reason. Getting CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) qualified involves a significant investment in terms of money and time so it’s important to think everything through before taking the plunge. However, you will very quickly reap the rewards – even as you study.


How? Firstly, for those who want to break into the HR industry, getting qualified could make the difference between getting a job and not. Some employers expect CIPD accreditation as a prerequisite and will not even consider your application if you don’t have it.

If you have an HR related degree or tons of experience in the profession, then accreditation is less pressing but will still stand you in very good stead. It could be the deciding factor between you and another candidate.

Opening doors

CIPD qualifications open doors further down the line as well. Gaining a Level 5 or Level 7 qualification shows real commitment to the industry and to your development as an HR or L&D professional. Any kind of CIPD qualification enhances your knowledge of the industry, exposing you to the latest theories, thinking, insights and case studies. In terms of professional development, this is really important.

Increased understanding

Plus, it is a chance to boost your strategic understanding of HR and L&D and how it sits within the business. The CIPD is the foremost professional awarding body for HR and L&D professionals. Level 5 accreditation at certificate or diploma level leads to associate membership, which is another bonus of getting qualified. Level 7 accreditation leads to professional membership.

Whatever level of CIPD accreditation you are at, the actual studying will enhance your understanding of HR and L&D, your business understanding, strategic overview and gives you the chance to network with your peers.