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70:20:10 Expert Certification Programme

If you want learning that achieves better business performance, then you need learning that is timely, relevant and integrated into the workflow. Businesses keep changing rapidly, so learning needs to change rapidly.

This requires an approach to learning that is responsive and effective, that is based on how adults learn and perform at work and that puts learning to work immediately.

The 70:20:10 framework does just this. It is an approach to organisational learning that reflects how adults learn at work – 70% of learning happens experientially, on the job, 20% is social learning and 10% comes from structured learning. This is about putting learning at the heart of work.

If you or your team are looking to support learning and performance at the point of need then our 70:20:10 Expert Certification Programme in partnership with the 702010 Institute is just for you.

Available for the first time ever in the UK, the 702010 Expert programme will enable you to really hone and develop your knowledge and experience of 70:20:10, taking that enhanced knowledge and experience back into the workplace. The programme will be hugely beneficial to you and to the L&D profession as a whole as it looks to provide performance support that is fit for the future.

On joining the programme, you will be expected to develop your own case study in order to improve your own practice now and in the future. You will take those skills with you into the workplace both during the programme and when you leave. How?

– You will work in a group, using the 70:20:10 knowledge that is already out there courtesy of 70:20:10 experts Charles Jennings, Jos Arets and Vivian Heijnen from the 702010 Institute
– You will actively use the book on which the programme is based, as written by Arets, Jennings and Heijnen
– You will explore and build on your own understanding and experience of 70:20:10 through your case study work
– You will use online 70 and 20 tools and solutions to implement the five new roles – performance detective, performance architect, performance master builder, performance game changer and performance tracker
– You will use all your new skills and knowledge back in the workplace, helping make your L&D department fit for current and future demands

How does the course work?

The six-month programme is set up along the 70:20:10 model. This means that a lot of the learning will be experiential, gained through the case study work. The programme will include:

– a live online induction
– four days of formal learning in the form of workshops. This is the structured learning, the 10 part of the programme
– learning through working on your own case study, your business case. This is the experiential learning, the 70 part
– learning by working with others – course participants, colleagues and exemplary performers in your own business. This is the social learning, the 20 part
– an online performance support community, social learning and access to the world’s largest database of articles of 70:20:10
– online support in the form of 70:20:10 vouchers should you want assistance with your business case

During the programme, you will find practical applications for the five new roles of the 70:20:10 Expert and you will present a positive business case to a key client at the end of the programme. That business case will need to be approved.

Places are limited. For more information call us on 0330 660 0220 or 702010@dpgplc.co.uk

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