January 31, 2018

Develop Yourself Survey

At DPG we had a great response to our Develop Yourself Survey with 471 completions.

The majority of those completing the survey work in HR and L&D roles, with 74% working within the private sector. There was an even split of those with and without management responsibilities, which give us a good balance of responses from different perspectives.

The survey gives so much useful information including:

• What people find most effective for their Continued Professional Development
• How they believe their managers can support them
• How they plan, record and evaluate their development
• Where they are currently focusing their development
• What their plans are for the next 12 months

The report will be of great value to individuals for their own development and for managers when looking at how they can better support their employees.

There are many reasons why CPD is important, here are just a few:

• Ensures your capabilities keep pace with current standards of others in the same field
• Helps you to stay interested and interesting
• Assists you to advance your career
• Gives you a deeper understanding of what it means to be a professional and the impact of your work

Make 2018 the year that you truly invest in your development. We can support you with this via our award-winning community, there will also be free webinars that you can attend on some of the key themes from the survey.

Submit your details below to get a copy of our Develop Yourself Survey – it’ll be emailed out to you exclusively on 14th February 2018!

Develop Yourself Survey